Farm Services

Farm Tour

1 Day Farm Tour (9am to 7pm) : Curated, Life-changing Farm experience for your family & Kids. With organic breakfast, lunch, evening snacks.

2 Days 1 Night (Weekends) Farm Tour with organic breakfast, lunch, evening snacks & dinner.

Note: food served during the tour will be pure vegetarian only. Outside food is not allowed. Tour includes activities like horse riding, gardening work, vegetable harvesting, cooking, partying, bonfire, adventure activities, knowing about wild edibles, knowing about the right food & right lifestyle, self-sustainability, desi cow science, organic farming practices, knowing about snakes, bird watching, trekking, mud home construction and many more depending on the season.

Littering is strictly prohibited

Eco-Friendly Celebration

We will host your Eco-Friendly Birthday & other celebrations at the farm for holistic celebration with desi cows. Organic food (veg only) will be served during the celebration. Outside food is not allowed.

Plastic free decoration using natural items will available at extra cost

Note : Food served during the celebration will be pure vegetarian. During celebration guest can be engaged in traditional sports like Laggori, Mud Kabbadi etc and other activities like horse riding, cow cuddling and more.