Community Farming

What is community farming ?

Community farming or Community-supported agriculture (CSA model) is an system where group of enthusiastic families comes together to partner with a local farmer to grow the organic food for them in they way they want. Farmer grows exactly what community wants and adopts organic principles as per the community guidelines. This ensures 100% traceability of the food we eat.

Gauri Malnad Gidda Gau Mata

Why community farming ?

99% of everything you eat these days are either  adulterated or of sub standard quality. In my observation it has become so much that many people even have lost the capability to recognize the taste of a good food. At early age people are suffering from High BP and diabetes. You don’t even know what else does your milk contains other than the milk. Frustration and depression is already visible in kids. What a disaster we have bought on to ourself with the greed. 

If you support a Organic Farmer he will solve all these problems but it works only if you think beyond pay and get service and become part of this family. 

Gauri Malnad Gidda Gau Mata

How to become part of Hoysalas Community ?

Once in 3 months we conduct a program called ‘Parichaya‘ which you have to attend along with your family. In this program we will get to know about each other and we will also show you our organic farming techniques we follow which you can copy and recreate somewhere else if you want to. 

After knowing us you can express your interest to join our community. The community members will take time and decide.

For upcoming ‘parichaya’ program details please visit events page. WhatsApp hi to +91 8792262653 for updates.

Gauri Malnad Gidda Gau Mata