About Us

Our Introduction


First think you should know about us is that we are not a company but a simple family. We don't believe in outsourcing our food to corporates so we grow most of it by ourself organically using techniques our ancestors followed long before chemicals & artificial fertilizers were introduced. We also make value added products which we and our kids consume or use. It may be a oil, flour, chocolate, cake, soap or a floor cleaner etc we make it all by ourself.

We are a small family deep rooted into farming, and gracefully follow the farming techniques which our ancestors followed a century before chemicals & artificial fertilizers were introduced. We believe that Boomi(land) is our mother (Boomi Thaayi) and putting a drop of chemical is equal to poisoning our own mother.

We live a 99% Self sustainable life i.e. we almost grow everything we consume and we almost make everything we need in daily life.

Everything we grow is 100% chemical-free and organic. We grow everything that our family needs, we make value-added products that our family needs, and the surplus is sold to families (limited number) who put their trust in us.

We offer nano farming land on rental basis in which we grow what ever you ask & how ever you ask as long as its chemical free and sustainable.