About Farm

Our organic farm is located beside 3000 acres of forest near Madanapalle, Andrapradesh. Our farm is mainly reserved for our family, close friends, and families associated with our homeschooling journey. It’s sacred to us. We own a home near Chandrapura, Bengaluru. We are homeschooling / farm-schooling our 4 kids and the schedule we follow is like a 2-month stay on the farm and a 1-month stay in the city. Even though we and our kids like to stay on farms off-grid, we still have to come to the city to attend to our business needs.

Everything we grow is 100% organic and mostly for our family. Instead of growing one crop in a large parcel, we follow the permaculture philosophy and grow small batches of diversified crops and make value-added products as per our family requirements. We are thriving for self-sustainability from food to clothes to shelter to daily essentials. As I write this I am really proud to say that we achieved 90% self-sustainability in food and daily essentials. We only sell if there is surplus production. However, we do make a few products to meet our financial needs which are made with lots of love and made only from what we grow organically for ourselves.