1. A Perfect Life

My dear kids, all 4 of you. I am on a mission to give us a perfect life. It’s challenging to describe what is ideal life from my perspective. The vision is broad and comprehensive and sensitive and adventurous. This Journal will also act as educational material for you when I am gone. I want you all 4 to know the depths I went into to give us this life so that you can preserve it for your kids and educate them.

Even though the journey started almost 6 to 7 years back I only started to pen it down here just today. I would recall all the adventures I had and will write them as separate posts in the future.

As of now, we have 4 Hallikar and 8 Malnad Gidda. It took quite a Journey for them to come into our life. Everything changed in my life when I bought our first bull Shiva and cow Gowri which is around 5 years back.

What’s a Perfect Life?

Imagine you wake up in the morning and come out of the home and the mountains in the mist are welcoming you, Birds singing, the smell of earth, a flamboyant flower garden, a rooster busy waking the rest of the world, your horse is looking at you eagerly to take you for a ride into the mountain, the breeze of the forest, natural well where you can swim, stream from where you can drink clean water. Our day starts by first seeing our cows and praying for their bliss, calfs running around and calling their mother, Beautiful, isn’t it?

Imagine a life where we are very well self-sustained, our soil enriched with organic matter, enough desi cow dung compost to grow everything we need, we make everything we use, no worry of all outside world nonsense, no need to travel long distances for school, a school which children love to go, syllabus which children love to study without any force, hundreds of cows and bulls taken to grazing on a horse, plenty of fruits every day which you can just pluck for a tree and eat. Plenty of desi cow milk, butter, and ghee. Little kids at the home would eat half of the butter while making it, flour and oil made from our bull drove mill and ghaana, festivals are well celebrated together, a home filled with all eco-friendly items, breakfast lunch & dinner served in banana leaves every day, abundant sugarcane juice, coconut milk every day, feels like heaven isn’t it.

Well, 25% of it we already achieved and we are all living this life. When children in the congested city are harassed by their parents to be more and more competitive, you fantastic four are enjoying the freedom and you are competitive without any force. Somewhere on earth a child is burning inside and out to become an astronaut where you four learning/ENJOYING horse riding which is something useful on earth. Parent in city would tell their kids not to go to forest because snakes are there and we say to you to go to forest because snakes are there. In City people live like rats in 30*40, drink RO purified dead water, breath poluted air and eat garbage. Here you live in a open space filled with greenary and fresh water and eat healthy organic food where we grow. City children sleep at 9 10 11 god know what else, here you sleep at 8pm with new stories every night. We not only eating right but also helping around 200 families to eat right food. I guess its quite an achievement for a farmer. I hope that you four continue to live this adventure and teach your children the same but never force you into it.

why I am doing this ?

The reason why I am penning it down everything here is because the people who become victim of modern education, modern living, scientific, educated turns out be just greedy basterds who care only about them self and become evil to environment and for themself in long run. The modern education have given idea of money where people struggle, struggle and struggle to earn only to spend on what they need to live life. With this system people have given their food, health on the hands of corporates and other evil people. We are living in a world where an actor has become a role model to youth who endorce tobacco and corbonated water which includes popular sport person. Just reflect on this : What kind of idiots tell people to drink corbonated water because he and that company wants to make money. Do we want such idiots to be role models to our kids ?. However the modern life may be tempting and may you deviate from the adventures life we are having. So this blog I think might help you to get on track.

Let’s see what will unfold in the future.Will share them as a series of posts here under the category name “The Perfect Life” and I will number them well.

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